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Malek Moghava Group

has been operating in the cardboard manufacturing industry in Iran for over 12 years. Malek Moghava is one of the few manufacturers of food-grade cardboard in two different light and heavy grammages (gram per square meter). The company has been supplying cardboard for food and industrial sectors to countries such asGeorgia, Iraq and Azerbaijan . It also offers packaging and printing services and can provide the customers with finished packages. Some of our products are cardboard platter, cardboard cake traycake and pastry boxesrestaurant and take-out boxespizza boxes, and sandwich and other fast food boxes.

Address: Yeganeh Industry Spadana (Malek Moghava), Second Byway, 8th St., Razi Chemical Town, Shiraz Road, Isfahan, Iran

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Cardboard Cake Tray

for cake & dessert

This product can be produced with 4-color printing and in accordance with your brand’s visual identity. Professionally designed and colored trays can add to your cake’s beauty. Cake trays are also available in white and silver colors.

cake tray

Pizza / Fast Food Boxes

Packaging is an essential part of take-out food products. Here at Malek Moghava, it is possible to design and print boxes with up to 4 colors that match your taste and your brand’s visual identity. These boxes come in different sizes from small (18 cm) to very large (55 cm). Custom-made boxes can be ordered for a variety of fast food, pastry, and cake products, including snack boxes, hamburger boxes, sandwich boxes, and French fry cups.

fastfood box
pizza box

Cardboard Platter

for restaurants & catering companies

A new disposable product with various applications. This product can be used in restaurants, catering companies, and bakeries as a platter, plate or tray. This product is food-grade and licensed by the Iranian Food and Drug Administration. It can be used to serve both hot and cold foods. No trees are cut down for its production, and it is recyclable and eco-friendly. Trays can be produced with double, and triple layers or custom-made for prominent brands. This product is healthier and more affordable compared to plastic products.

cardboard dish
cardboard dish
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